To sleep in our villa there are three rooms available.

  • The three-bedded minisuite in a lovely and comfortable penthouse with a long terrace facing our park. In the private facilities an old bath-tub with lion paws is remarkable.
  • On the mezzanine you find an other room, the ideal solution for two people, provided with private shower and toilet.
  • On the ground floor is located a pretty spacious three-bedded room. Its bathroom is dramatically yellow dyed.

We are pleased to make a baby’cradle available to our mini-guests.

All guest units are furnished with old family pieces and have an independent entrance.

You can have a personalized vegetarian breakfast at the time you want.

A wireless internet connection is also available.

Guests are welcome in our park where you can enjoy the colours of nature and of our roses, as well as the company of our dogs. 

Small and medium-sized pets are welcome.

Eventually, the garden is the place where you are allowed to smoke!


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