The Villa

The villa was built in 1855 on a project delivered by the at the time Mayor and well-known botanist Muzio de’ Tommasini on behalf of a rich landowner, Mrs. Eufrosina Buchler. In the course of the years there were many owners, among them the family Curiel, known for the numerous gold medals – even at the Olympics – in fencing.

Eventually, the family of Mr. Francesco Trevisani. His wife was Fausta Veneziani, one sister of Livia, wife of the famous writer Italo Svevo. According to the narration of Fausta’s daughter – last owner of the villa – the couple Veneziani-Svevo spent some time here occasionally during some repairs of their family house.

In 1928 the villa had some enlargements according to the design of Arch. Geiringer.

In 1999 the villa was bought by our family. Since then the building has received lots of tender loving care in order to renovate and modernize it.

In 2002 we started our activity as Bed & Breakfast, in an optimal location between the Riviera of Barcola and the centre of Trieste.

This green island of nearly 3000 sqm near to the city centre allows you a calm and comfortable sleep.

Among dozens of age old horse-chestnuts and plane-trees stand out one evergreen oak and one cedar of Lebanon. All these trees are taller than the building itself and give shade to it in every season. The rose garden is cared by Nicoletta personally.

Our guests can taste at the right time our plums, grapes, persimmons, cherries, peaches, apricots and tomatoes out of the plants grown with natural methods.

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